About Us

One Bridge Wealth offers solutions to clients seeking to build financial security. Our team of experienced professionals understand how to free clients from past mistakes which may be causing them overwhelm and worry. We understand that many Australians face financial stress and do not have confidence in managing their money. They begin to believe that they will never get out of the negative cycle. Our focus is on providing the solutions, the processes and the opportunities for them to change their financial situation into one that supports the lifestyle they desire.

Credit card debt is a major problem for many Australians who are caught up in a cycle of debt. The more they earn, the greater their card debt. Many are only just managing to pay their card fees every month. Add to this, the burden of loan repayments and other debts, many Aussies are looking for well-considered, trusted assistance.

To build their confidence in our genuine offer to help, One Bridge Wealth provides a free phone consultation, so the conversation about how to transform their finances can begin. This is followed by a complimentary, obligation-free appointment so we can set them on the right track. After that, it is up to them to choose if working with One Bridge Wealth can bring the desired changes in their life more easily.

Life throws us all good times and bad times when we need to seek the help of experts to guide us. Our Vision is to help families move through the changes in their financial circumstances. Clients express delight and relief as they put into place, the strategies we provide. Parents enjoy helping their children develop good saving practices. The financial benefits from taking the right steps now flow throughout their life and on to future generations.

One Bridge Wealth thrives through word-of-mouth referrals. If you refer someone who becomes a client, we offer rewards to express our thanks. These rewards can grow over time. Our reward is providing the right solutions and assisting our clients to create the lifestyle they desire.

The One Bridge Wealth Team consists of five Australian-based professional people and looks forward to expanding our team numbers. We are backed by an experienced team of 50 people in Sri Lanka ensuring that our clients have the best person to speak to for whatever service they need.