Car Loan

Do you use your vehicle for your business or professional life? Do you need to upgrade your car to keep your family safe? Why not treat yourself to the kind of vehicle you desire? One Bridge Wealth understands your desire to find the best deal you can and how a secured car loan helps you find the right vehicle for your needs.

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Uber Loans

If you’re looking to improve your earnings by working as an Uber Driver, One Bridge Wealth is on hand to help. We specialize in securing car loans for this purpose. We understand what Uber requires of you and your vehicle. We negotiate with multiple Lenders so you access a loan that you can manage over the period of your loan. Enjoy peace of mind that you can drive customers safely to their destination while you drive towards your personal financial goals.

Taxify Loans

A recent entrant to the transportation industry, Taxify requires particular standards for their drivers and their vehicles. If you’re looking to use your spare time to improve your income, an easy-to-maintain loan will help you find the perfect vehicle for the job. At One Bridge Wealth, we understand what Taxify requires and help secure a loan so you can enter this flexible business with maximum confidence and minimum inconvenience.

Do you need Finance for a new car? Is your Accountant the best person to ask?
One Bridge Wealth has access to over 10 Lenders for:

  • Business / Commercial Finance
  • Motor Vehicle Finance
  • Equipment Finance

  • We help you find the best loan for your purchase with a Lender that offers competitive rates, fast approvals and flexible loan terms. You can leave all the transactions to us from application to settlement

Is purchase your best option?

If you’re purchasing for your business, you can use your cash flow better by using other options such as leasing. Contact One Bridge Wealth to discuss your needs before making a purchase to ensure you have a deal that will serve you over the long term as well as meeting your current requirements.

  • Finance Lease
  • Novated Lease
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Operating Lease
  • Hire Purchase Sale
  • Lease / Hire Back
  • Specific Security Agreement
  • Plant & Equipment Finance

Check all the details

If you need to access finance without your accountant’s input or having to provide financial statements, you could commit yourself to higher repayments long-term or a loan that has less features or flexibility.

Remember that lowering your taxable income this year can impact the ability for your business to borrow in the next financial year. You need to plan your acquisitions to gain the most benefit.

We understand the complexities

Whatever the scenario, borrowing for business vehicles or equipment is complex. We help you plan so you can keep your vehicles and equipment in good condition, present a professional appearance to the world, and manage your finances effectively over the long term.