Home Owner’s Loan

Applying for a loan for your first home can seem daunting. However, the process is straight forward as long as you understand the requirements you need to meet. One Bridge Wealth guides you through the process, comparing what’s on offer from over 20 Lenders to find the best solution for your circumstances.

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Personal Loans

If you need to respond to unforeseen costs or choosing to upgrade your lifestyle, a personal loan can provide the funds you need. Use our financial knowledge and insight, so you can take charge of your finances. Manage your costs, create funds to help you negotiate a good price for purchases and enjoy the lifestyle you desire by using a personal loan wisely and effectively. We take care of everything for you, provide considered advice, and negotiate with multiple Lenders to secure the optimum personal loan for your desired outcomes.

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Car Loan

Do you use your vehicle for your business or professional life? Do you need to upgrade your car to keep your family safe? Why not treat yourself to the kind of vehicle you desire? One Bridge Wealth understands your desire to find the best deal you can and how a secured car loan helps you find the right vehicle for your needs.

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Self Managed Super Fund

An SMSF is a superannuation trust structure that provides benefits to its members and their beneficiaries on retirement. SMSF is required to set up a trust where members are the trustees of the fund.

Rustees are the ones who decide where and how their funds are invested and controlled. Our clients often report that having greater visibility over their retirement savings has led to a deeper understanding of how their overall wealth is tracking. It gives them more confidence in their investments and lifestyle decisions.

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Investment and Refiance

Want to make your money work for you? Are you juggling multiple loans, credit cards and bills? You need . to feel that you’re in control and not falling behind with payments You can consolidate your costs through refinancing and gain balance between your money and your lifestyle.

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Debt Consolidation and Budgeting

Tired of juggling multiple debts and costs every week? Are you falling behind with some of your payments and shuffling funds between your accounts? A great way to manage multiple costs and keep your budget on target is to consolidate your debts into one, easy-to-manage payment.

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Commercial Loan

If you’re looking to multiply your business but don’t have the capital to invest, you might want to contemplate a commercial loan. Commercial loans can support you invest in equipment, staff, or premises that can help multiply your business. There are a variety of lenders out there that can provide financing solutions to help your business grow in the way you want. You can choose to invest the loan money in What are commercial loans?

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Equipment Finance

Equipment Finance is used in construction, civil, land clearance, road constructing and other industries to fund the purchase of yellow goods such as diggers, graders, dozers, scrapers and loaders. Finance for these assets is quite specialised given the high cost of the assets when new and also their long life.

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